Convert your Photos to Digital Format and Enjoy your Memories Forever

Digitize your photos into a beautiful digital format with The Digitize Center so that they can be preserved and last forever. Once digitized, your digital memories will be delivered to you on the format of your choice via digital cloud, USB thumb drive, or CD disc set.

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  • Step 1: Order the Photo Digitize Kit and Pack your Photos

    The first step is simple, order the Photo Digitize Kit and we will send you a specialized box to fill with your photos. Once the kit arrives, pack it with your memories and send it off to us using the prepaid special priority return label.

  • Step 2: Professionally Digitized with Care

    Our team of experts will digitize all of your photos with care at an unmatched quality and prepare it for you in the format of your choice. You will receive email updates along the way keeping you up to date on the status.

  • TheDigitizeCenter | You will receive all of your original media back, along with the digitized versions you can download from the cloud, receive on a thumb drive, or view on a DVD set. Enjoy your digitized memories forever.

    Step 3. Enjoy your Memories

    You will receive all of your original photos back, along with the digitized versions you can download from the cloud, receive on a thumb drive, or view on a CD set. Enjoy your digitized memories forever and easily share with family and friends.

    What You Get 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Digitizing your photos is only based on the number of photos you send in. Photos are billed at the industry leading price of $0.39 per photo until August 8th! Includes FREE Digital Cloud Access & Download.

When do I pay?

You only need to order the Photo Digitize Kit up front. Once we receive your photos, we will count all the photos and send you a no-obligation invoice for the digitization that you can pay online. Then we will complete your order.

How long does it take?

Nobody digitizes photos faster than us. Our average processing time is currently 2 weeks. However, faster processing is available and you can get your order finished in as little as 48 hours.

Can I send other types of items in along with my photos?

No, the Photo Digitize Kit is exclusively for photo prints. If you want to send multiple media types in one order then you would need to order our regular mix-and-match Digitize Kit. For a full list of what we can digitize, visit What We Digitize.

Are there any size limitations for my photos?

No, we can digitize photos of all shapes and sizes. However, oversized photos are billed differently than standard size photos. Standard size photos are any size up to 8.5x11". Any photo over 8.5x11" is billed at $0.99 per photo.

Do you provide photo enhancement and restoration?

Yes! Our expertly trained technicians and innovative technology can digitally revitalize and restore your photos to a stunning quality. Photo restoration and revitalization is an option you can add after you send your photos in and is recommended if your photos are old, faded, or have washed out colors.

How will I receive my digitized photos?

For the Photo Digitize Kit, Digital Cloud Access is included for FREE with your order, which means you will be able to view and download your photos onto any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Optionally, you can add a thumb drive or CD disc set for $39.99.

Will you organize the digital photos?

Yes! This is something that only we do. If you organize your photos in groups when sending them in and label those groups, we will do the same with the digitized versions.

I'm nervous about sending my memories. What safeguards do you take to keep my memories safe?

Excellent question! We take a number of measures to make sure your memories are safe and secure from the moment they leave your possession until you receive them back from us. This includes using a special priority shipping service, an advanced internal tracking system, and more. So far, we have digitized over 1 million memories and have never lost or damaged a single one. Not one! To learn more about the safeguards we take, read this article.

What quality are the digitized photos?

We digitize all photos using specialty equipment at a high quality output. The quality is measured using DPI, and for most photos we digitize them to 300 DPI. 300 DPI is an excellent quality for most photos and will allow you to store and share these photos easily. For some larger or oddly shaped photos, we sometimes digitize at a higher DPI for better quality. Slides and negatives are digitized at 2400 DPI. Specialty digitization of photos at a certain DPI are available upon request.

How many photos can I send in?

As many as you'd like. The Photo Digitize Kit can hold up to 1,800 standard size photos. If you have more than 1,800 photos, please Contact Us.

Can I include slides or negatives with my photos?

No, the Photo Digitize Kit is only good for photo prints. To mix and match with negatives and slides, order the Mix-and-Match Digitize Kit.

What's included with the Photo Digitize Kit?

The Photo Digitize Kit is a special secure and crush-proof box we send you so that you can pack up your photos to send back to us. Included in the box is a Welcome Guide with useful information to help you pack up your memories. Also included is a Customer Card for you to fill out.

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  • Preserve your Memories Forever

    Photographs can and will degrade in quality over time. Photographs are especially prone to fading, bending, and color wash-out due to the passing of time and how they were stored. Digitizing preserves your photos forever before it is too late, and our photo restoration and revitalization can fix most quality issues with your photos.

  • TheDigitizeCenter | You will receive all of your original media back, along with the digitized versions you can download from the cloud, receive on a thumb drive, or view on a DVD set. Enjoy your digitized memories forever.

    Share with Family and Friends

    Digitizing with The Digitize Center makes it easy to share your memories with family and friends. Once digitized, you can share whichever videos you like easily with the people you choose using our Digital Cloud. Send your photos straight to anyone's smartphone or email in the cloud or order additional thumb drives for more physical copies.

  • Protection from Loss or Damage

    Digitized memories are protected from loss or damage with our Digital Memory Cloud Backup. Once digitized, you never have to worry about losing your memories to an unforeseen disaster as we keep your memories backed up in our secure cloud.

Pricing - Just $0.39 per Photo (Normally $0.79 per photo)

Digitize your photos at just $0.39 per photo with FREE Digital Cloud Access.

Order the Photo Digitize Kit now to lock in pricing.

  • FREE with Photo Digitize Kit

    Digital Access is included for FREE with any Photo Digitize Kit, which means you can access your digitized photos immediately on any smartphone, computer, or tablet.

  • Easily Download and Share

    Our Digital Cloud is easy to use and your photos will be neatly organized to perfection. Share photos with anyone you like with one easy click.

  • Safe and Secure

    Only you will have access to your Digital Cloud and your digitized photos are completely safe, secure, and backed up.

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Order the Photo Digitize Kit and prepare to enjoy a lifetime of memories in high-quality digital format. Fill up the Digitize Kit with your photos and receive everything back fully digitized in just a few weeks.

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With our industry leading technology and world-class customer service, The Digitize Center is America's leader in digitizing video tapes, film reels, photos and more. See what our customers have to say about us:

Based on 387 reviews
Digitize Kit
Hildegarde Paris (Centerville, MA)

Excellent service

Digitize Kit
Excellent Service

Great job bringing my memories back.

Digitize Kit
Susan Engel (Somerville, NJ)
LOVED seeing my childhood photos

So happy that I engaged The Digitize Center to digitize @ 500 slides from the 1970’s. Here, I thought my parents hadn’t taken pics and there are now so man to choose from. Fantastic trip down memory lane with superb photo quality.

Digitize Kit
Peter Jung (Ashburn, VA)
Old 8mm Family films

Great job in preserving film that was 80 years old!
Will find other media to send to you guys- you did
a great job. Thanks!!

Digitize Kit
Holly Kary (Sioux Falls, SD)
I was very impressed with the speedy service this company has!

I would recommend this company for any transfer!

Digitize Kit
Constance VanDette (Buffalo, NY)

Excellent and timely service! Thank you!

Digitize Kit
Kiana Esper (Hollywood, FL)
So happy i found them.

I have been so happy since i got the email that it was complete. The communications was excellent, Service, turn around time, everything!! Going to be sending them another batch of tapes soon!

Digitize Kit
Hannah E.
Had me in tears

I was crying after watching all my family memories again. Such a great service.

Digitize Kit
Robert Bjork
Satisfied again.

Third time using this company. Satisfied every time.

Digitize Kit
Parker Barrenstein
Digitized over 1,000 Photos

I used them to digitize over 1,000 photos. Great pricing and great quality. Will use again.


Priceless experience to see your old memories again.

Digitize Kit
Peter Walkins
50 Year Old Photos

Sent in ancient photos and the digitized versions look brand new. Amazing.

Digitize Kit
Joe Primetime
Great company.

Really great company. Always available for customer service.

Digitize Kit
John Pierson
Great deals!

Their pricing is well worth it. No hidden fees!

Digitize Kit
Ari Shelley
Absolutely Fantastic.

Very pleased.

Digitize Kit
Alyssa B (Roseville, CA)
Worth every penny!

My grandfather recorded the autobiography of his life on a cassette tape and my family and I wanted to have these memories as a digital file so we could easily listen to his stories. The Digitize Center was able to digitize the cassette to a digital file and USB drive. I am very pleased with how quickly they were able to get this done. Now we can cherish these memories forever. I highly recommend this company!!

Digitize Kit
Lauri Schofield (Lansdale, PA)
o many memories!

I love my action-packed flash drive of our lives!
Thank you for the professional and easily retrievable access to our videos.
There will be more.

Digitize Kit
Nadine Prososki (Columbus, NE)
Happy with results

I was happy with the results and communication. Some files were a little skippy but that could have been warped originals. Overall very pleased to be able to view and listen to the old reel to reel, VHS and cassette recordings of our family to preserve the memories.

Digitize Kit
Jacob E.
Way better than Legacybox.

I sent them the same order I had done with Legacybx and the digitize center did so much better. The quality was literally 10x better.

Digitize Kit
Alan Lowell (Beverly, MA)
Family Movies

I had 26 Family VHS & 8MM Movie Tapes that Digitize Center converted to DVD and uploaded to the Cloud for me. They did an awesome job The price was right, the time it took was surprisingly fast and their communication is great. Thanks

Digitize Kit
Keith Kellersohn (Salisbury, MD)
Fantastic Work

Will use them again!

Digitize Kit
michael knightly (Chelmsford, MA)
Old Family Slides

Good communication throughout the process. Logistics were easy to follow. Digitized slides met my expectations.

Digitize Kit
Harold Reynolds (Seattle, WA)

Digitize Kit

Digitize Kit
Traci Felix (Glendora, CA)
My 1 year old birthday 🎂 party

I just wanted to say thank you for the all the work you did on my movie and it was a success, Traci Felix

Digitize Kit
Tammy L Warren (Dallas, TX)

Everything turned out great. It took longer than expected with no feedback unless I asked several times.