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The Digitize Center

Digitize Kit

Digitize Kit

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  • Digital Access $5.99
  • Disc Set $5.99
  • USB Thumb Drive $5.99
We'll ship you the Digitize Kit, and you send it back to us filled with your media (photos, cassettes, VHS, etc.) you want digitized. Send the kit back to us with a free prepaid shipping label and we will take care of the rest. (1 Item = 1 tape, 1 reel, 1 cassette or 1 pack of 25 photos/slides/negatives)

Features & Details

Includes Welcome Guide with instructions, crush-proof box, Customer Card, and a prepaid return shipping label. All media is carefully digitized by hand by our professional staff. You will receive regular email updates throughout the digitizing process.

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  • Free Return Shipping

    Your Digitize Kit comes with a prepaid return shipping label so you can send the kit back to us.

  • Professionally Digitized

    All of your media will be professionally digitized by our trained experts with our custom engineered professional equipment.

  • TheDigitizeCenter | Simply pack all the media you want digitized into your Digitize Kit and ship it to us with the prepaid shipping label. The Digitize Kit includes a Welcome Guide.

    1. Pack Your Media

    Simply pack all the media you want digitized into your Digitize Kit and ship it to us with the prepaid shipping label. The Digitize Kit includes a welcome guide.

  • 2. Professionally Digitized with Care

    Our team of experts will digitize all of your media with care and prepare it for you in the format of your choice.

  • TheDigitizeCenter | You will receive all of your original media back, along with the digitized versions you can download from the cloud, receive on a thumb drive, or view on a DVD set. Enjoy your digitized memories forever.

    3. Enjoy your Memories

    You will receive all of your original media back, along with the digitized versions you can download from the cloud, receive on a thumb drive, or view on a DVD. Enjoy your digitized memories forever.

What's Included

The Digitize Kit Crush-Proof Box

We will send you a box that you can fill with all of your memories, including photos, VHS tapes, cassettes, and more.

Welcome Guide with Instructions

Included with the Digitize Kit is a step-by-step Welcome Guide, that will walk you through the entire process.

Customer Card

Included with your Digitize Kit is a Customer Card to help you organize and track your order.

Prepaid Shipping Label

Once all your media is packed up and ready to be sent us, simply seal the box and place the included prepaid shipping label on the box and ship it back to us and we will get to work.

Protect Your Precious Memories

The Digitize Center makes it easy to preserve your old photos, tapes, and film. Let us help you keep your precious memories forever.

  • Digital Download

    Once your media is digitized, you can download all of it from the cloud onto your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Thumb Drive

    We can send you a thumb drive with all of your digitized media on it neatly organized. Simply plug the drive into your computer or Smart TV and enjoy.

  • Watchable DVDs

    Enjoy your newly digitized media on a set of custom playable DVDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get digitized?

We can digitize almost all forms of tapes, pictures, films, audio cassettes, CDs, and DVDs. For a full list of media we can digitize, see the What We Digitize Page

How long does it take?

Nobody digitizes faster than us. Once we receive your Digitize Kit, it takes approximately 2-6 weeks for us to complete the digitizing process and send you your media. Quicker processing is available when you send the Kit back.

Will my media be safe?

We take every precaution imaginable to keep your precious media safe from the moment it leaves you to the moment you get it back. The Digitize Kit comes with a crush-proof box that is specially designed to keep your media protected. In addition, our professional staff use media-handling gloves when handling your media and we keep our equipment in top-notch condition to keep your media safe. Lastly, we take extraordinary measures to make sure you media is accounted for every step of the way, and you get constant updates.

What if I want to digitize more items?

Not a problem at all! Simply include any additional items you want digitized in the Digitize Kit. We will digitize them as well and you will be invoiced for the additional items.

What do I get back?

You will receive all of your original media items that you sent to us, plus digitized copies of that media in the format of your choice (digital download, thumb drive, or DVD). For more information, visit our What You Get Page

Why use The Digitize Center?

We are dedicated to preserving the precious memories of the past before it becomes too late. Each day, old video tapes, photographs, and films degrade, and as more time passes, the quality of this media can degrade to the point that its contents become lost forever. We do not want to see that happen and instead want to help you preserve your precious media forever. Digitizing that media is the answer, and we here at The Digitize Center are experts at handling and digitizing old media into a digital format that will last forever, so that you can enjoy, keep, share, and pass down those precious memories.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 354 reviews
Traci Felix (Glendora, CA)
My 1 year old birthday 🎂 party

I just wanted to say thank you for the all the work you did on my movie and it was a success, Traci Felix

Tammy L Warren (Dallas, TX)

Everything turned out great. It took longer than expected with no feedback unless I asked several times.

Judith Matthews (Old Chatham, NY)
60 year old film

I sent in my 60 year old 8 mm film and was overjoyed to see the result! First time we could view these films from our childhood. Can't wait to show our 85 year old Mother her 24 year old self. Thank you Digitize Center!

Mark Turner (Tulsa, OK)
Like the finished work vs took longer than expected

My order was made late Dec 2022 and received in Mid May 2023.

Pros: finished work on UBS stick was great and good quality. Communications were good as far as updates via email and shipping.
Cons: It's not cheap but to get your own 8mm projector and convert would take forever. I would recommend more frequent updates as I heard nothing for 4months and was wondering if i was forgotten or scammed. Again , be clear..great product and finished work but communicate more....

Anonymous (Jonesboro, AR)

We received our files from two transformed BetaMax tapes and after asking a question about conversion and access to the files, a gentleman named Joe was quick to answer our questions about file formatting and access. Great efficient response and clear explanation. So happy to have access to the images and videos from our family's precious moments.