Digitize Negatives to Digital

Convert your Negatives to Digital Format and Enjoy your Memories Forever

Digitize your negatives, photos, slides and more into a digital format so that they can be preserved and last forever. Once digitized, your digital memories will be delivered to you on the format of your choice via digital cloud, USB thumb drive, or playable DVDs.

  • Step 1: Order Digitize Kit and Pack your Negatives

    The first step is simple, order the Digitize Kit that corresponds to the number of negatives you plan to send in. We count every 25 negatives as 1 item, so if you have 250 negatives, that would be 10 items. Don't worry if you do not have the exact number, you can always send more if you'd like. Once the kit arrives, pack it with your memories and send it off to us using the prepaid special priority return label.

  • Step 2: Professionally Digitized with Care

    Our team of experts will digitize all of your negatives with care at an unmatched quality and prepare it for you in the format of your choice. You will receive email updates along the way keeping you up to date on the status.

  • TheDigitizeCenter | You will receive all of your original media back, along with the digitized versions you can download from the cloud, receive on a thumb drive, or view on a DVD set. Enjoy your digitized memories forever.

    Step 3. Enjoy your Memories

    You will receive all of your original media back, along with the digitized versions you can download from the cloud, receive on a thumb drive, or view on a disc set. Enjoy your digitized memories forever and easily share with family and friends.

    What You Get 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Digitizing your slides is only based on the number of negatives you send in. We count negatives in groups of 25, so every 25 negatives you send in count as 1 item. To learn more, visit the Pricing Page or scroll down.

How long does it take?

It can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to completely finish your order depending upon what size it is and if its during the busy season. However, we do offer expedited processing options that allow you to have your order completed in as little as 3 days!

Can I send other types of items in along with my negatives?

Yes! You can mix and match as much as you'd like. We can digitize most types of consumer media, including video tapes, film, photos, and slides. For a full list of what we can digitize, visit What We Digitize.

Are there any size limitations for my negatives?

We can digitize most negatives of all different sizes. However, there are some formats we cannot digitize. We CANNOT digitize disc film, 3D film, and any fully undeveloped film. We CAN digitize all other sizes of negatives. Standard negative sizes such as 35mm/135 are billed at the normal rate of every 25 negatives counts as 1 item.

Do you provide enhancement and restoration?

Yes! Our expertly trained technicians and innovative technology can digitally revitalize and restore your negatives to a stunning quality. Photo restoration and revitalization is an option you can add after you send your negatives in and is recommended if your negatives are old or in poor condition.

Which output choice should I choose?

This is really up to you and how you would like to have your digitized files. We can put your digitized files on the cloud for digital access and download, put them on a thumb drive, or burn them to data CDs. For negatives digitization, we always recommend Digital Access as this makes it easy to load all your negatives on all of your devices including your computer and smartphone.

I'm nervous about sending my memories. What safeguards do you take to keep my memories safe?

Excellent question! We take a number of measures to make sure your memories are safe and secure from the moment they leave your possession until you receive them back from us. This includes using a special priority shipping service, an advanced internal tracking system, and more. So far, we have digitized over 1 million memories and have never lost or damaged a single one. Not one! To learn more about the safeguards we take, read this article.

What quality are the digitized negatives?

We digitize all negatives using specialty equipment at a high quality output. The quality is measured using DPI, and for most negatives we digitize them to 2400 DPI. 2400 DPI is an extremely high quality and will allow you to view every detail of your negatives, as well as store and share these digitized negatives easily. Specialty digitization of negatives at a certain DPI are available upon request.

How many negatives count as an item?

Every 25 negatives counts as 1 item for standard size 35mm/135 negatives. So a 2 Item Digitize Kit is good for up to 50 negatives, a 10 Item Digitize Kit is good for up to 250 negatives, and so on. You do not need to have an exact number of negatives when sending them in. We will count all your negatives when they arrive and adjust your bill accordingly. A negative strip typically contains 4-6 negative images on it, so a strip is technically 4 to 6 negatives.

How are specialty negatives or non-standard negatives counted?

We consider standard size negatives to be size 35mm/135, which are by far the most common size. Thes negatives are counted as every 25 negatives counts as 1 item. Any negatives outside this format are counted at a rate of every 10 negatives = 1 item, up to 4x6". For a full explanation on counting negatives, see the Negatives Sizing and Formats page.

What is the difference between undeveloped and developed negatives?

Developed negatives have an image on the negative itself that you can see by holding the negative up to light. An undeveloped negative will be thicker than a developed negative, and be completely black and you will be unable to see any images when held up to light. We cannot digitize undeveloped negatives.

Can you make prints of my negatives?

Yes, we can make prints from your negatives upon request.

  • Preserve your Memories Forever

    Negatives can and will degrade in quality over time. Negatives are especially prone to fading due to the passing of time and how they were stored. Digitizing preserves your negatives forever before it is too late, and our photo restoration and revitalization can fix most quality issues with your negatives.

  • TheDigitizeCenter | You will receive all of your original media back, along with the digitized versions you can download from the cloud, receive on a thumb drive, or view on a DVD set. Enjoy your digitized memories forever.

    Share with Family and Friends

    Digitizing with The Digitize Center makes it easy to share your memories with family and friends. Once digitized, you can share whichever negatives you like easily with the people you choose using our Digital Cloud. Send your digitized negatives straight to anyone's smartphone or email in the cloud or order additional thumb drives for more physical copies.

  • Protection from Loss or Damage

    Digitized memories are protected from loss or damage with our Digital Memory Cloud Backup. Once digitized, you never have to worry about losing your memories to an unforeseen disaster as we keep your memories backed up in our secure cloud.

Digitize Kit - Digitize Photos | VHS Tapes | Reels | Cassettes | The Digitize Center

Get Started Now with your Digitize Kit

Order the Digitize Kit that corresponds to the number of negatives you want to digitize and prepare to enjoy a lifetime of memories in high-quality digital format. Fill up the Digitize Kit with your memories and receive everything back fully digitized in just a few weeks.

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  • Digitize Kit - Digitize Photos | VHS Tapes | Reels | Cassettes | The Digitize Center

    2 Item Digitize Kit

    Sale Price: $29.99 (50% OFF)

    Digitize up to 50 negatives or mix and match. (1 item = 25 negatives)

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  • Digitize Kit - Digitize Photos | VHS Tapes | Reels | Cassettes | The Digitize Center

    10 Item Digitize Kit

    Sale Price: $139.99 (50% OFF)

    Digitize up to 250 negatives or mix and match. (1 item = 25 negatives)

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  • Digitize Kit - Digitize Photos | VHS Tapes | Reels | Cassettes | The Digitize Center

    20 Item Digitize Kit

    Sale Price: $279.99 (50% OFF)

    Digitize up to 500 negatives or mix and match. (1 item = 25 negatives)

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  • Digitize Kit - Digitize Photos | VHS Tapes | Reels | Cassettes | The Digitize Center

    40 Item Digitize Kit

    Sale Price: $549.99 (50% OFF)

    Digitize up to 1000 negatives or mix and match. (1 item = 25 negatives)

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Digitize Kit
Emma Ohlig (Springfield, NJ)
Great service, takes a long time

Got this as a Christmas present for my mom and chose this company because they’re one of the only ones that does DVDs. We were thrilled with how the home videos came out and everything got returned to us in one piece! However, it takes much much longer than advertised. We sent the videos in January and didn’t receive the digital versions until May. TDC updates through each stage of the process but just be prepared to wait several months for the final product. Well worth the wait, we’ll be sending our remaining videos in as well

Digitize Kit
Charles Hood (Columbia, SC)
Superb Service

We submitted a huge order for DVD transfer. It was handled professionally and deliberately by Joseph. We would recommend this service to preserve your precious memories.

Digitize Kit
Rebecca Hart (Boston, MA)
Best decision

The best

Digitize Kit
John Rusyniak (Tok, AK)

I sent my 8mm film into Digitize Center for a client and it just arrived yesterday That’s 5 months, with very little communication or reference numbers to my products being moderized. My client was very worried we had lost their precious memories into some black hole. Results were as expected once I got them back.

Digitize Kit
Roman (Wylie, TX)

The tapes turned out great but 4 mos was really long time for two tapes I think but why the 3 star rating is because after I submitted my order I received an email stating I could get $9 per tape after spending $60 for just two. I would do it again but would want the 9 dollar per tape offer

Digitize Kit
Patrick Lovell (Daytona Beach, FL)

Digitize Center nailed it!!! They did exactly what they said they would in the exact timeframe that they specified. I am more than happy/grateful for what they did for me!!!

I totally recommend this comapny to anyone looking to capture their memories in a digital fashion!!

Thank you so much!!!

Digitize Kit
Christopher Jordan (Avon, CT)
Good product, shaky service

My order was confirmed received on 12/14/23 and stated it would ready in 2-8 weeks. As time went by no word, requests for status got a standard 'Your Order is in Process' email response. I got a bunch of these until my order finally arrived last week , four months later. The final product was nice but this company clearly oversold their capacity to process orders and poorly communicated what was going on.

Digitize Kit
David Wiest (Jensen Beach, FL)
Great job

Superb work. Completely satisfied

Digitize Kit
Excellent Service

They were able to take an old VHS and convert it to mp4, which I was able to extract from the cloud. The process took a few months, but I received frequent feedback about the progress. I would recommend for anyone looking to digitize old family videos.

Digitize Kit
David Russell Jr. (Elyria, OH)

Quality of work is great. Order Took longer than originally told.

Digitize Kit
Susan Riley (Parlin, NJ)
Saves great memories

We would have lost some great memories is we had not had them digitized! They did a great job.

Digitize Kit
richard robishaw (Brunswick, ME)
good job

came out good but slow in processing.

Digitize Kit
Perry Lindquist (Hartland, WI)
Took Forever and Unorganized

Took over 4 months to complete a VCR box of 20 tapes. Even though the tapes were usually dated, there was no order to the recordings on the jump drive, with file titles that were completely useless.

Digitize Kit
Gene Barrett (Roseville, MI)
memories for john

I sent in 10 16mm film reels to be digitized. I was not sure what to expect from this company, but they did a great job digitizing the old film. the video looks great. They did exactly what they said they would do. It took a little bit longer to finish the job, but it was worth the wait.

Digitize Kit
Jack Batjer (Tacoma, WA)

I was told that the process can take 4-6 weeks so I sent in my tape with time to spare before christmas. I didn't get it back until mid april. In addition, it was in a paper envelope on a DVD-W with a blank label. There was no presentation, no markings indicating what it was. I was under the impression there would be a little more presentation.

Digitize Kit
Susan Piccari (Perkasie, PA)

All materials were returned in great shape. Love the constant emailing of the updates of progress for each order. Followed all requests. Plan to use one more time for final project.

Digitize Kit
Steven Leavitt (Ivins, UT)

Thanks for the memories

Digitize Kit
Isaac Johnson (Anchorage, AK)
Mostly Satisfied

The process of sending my videos to be digitized was easy and the customer service was excellent. I really appreciated the quick feedback I would receive if I had questions and I have liked how I was kept informed along the way until my media was ready. The only frustration I had was how long the process took since it took about 4 months from the time that I sent my videos till the time that I got them back. But other than that, they turned out great and I really enjoy having them on a thumb drive where I can show them to my family much easier.

Digitize Kit
Syed Moin (Newburgh, NY)

nice service

Digitize Kit
Howard Perlman (Monticello, NY)

Would have given a five but you had misplaced my order so it took longer to compketr

Digitize Kit
Paul Hurlburt (Reading, PA)

awesome work

Digitize Kit
Lloyd J Easlick (McHenry, IL)

A great job transferring the 8mm tapes to DVD. It did take longer than expected but I did send them out just before the Christmas holiday. Though warned in advance a bit more communication would be appreciated, All in all I highly recommend the Digitize Center. Thank you.

Digitize Kit
Amita Kumar (San Antonio, TX)

Perfect quality!

Digitize Kit
Colin Griswold (Pikeville, KY)

Digitize Kit

Digitize Kit
Bearded Thomas (Bloomfield, NJ)
Saved My Memories

Originally, I was against the idea of risking my old media (VHS 8MM film) to be mailed and copied. Then I realized that my old media was in slow self-destruct mode and was rapidly deteriorating. There was only one logical choice if I wanted to preserve the old recordings, and that was to have them transferred to modern media. The Digitize Center did a great job, and I'm so happy that I didn't wait any longer to have it done.