Have you ever lost an item sent to you?

No, we have never lost a single item or shipment. For more on the precautions we take regarding shipments, see How Can I be sure my items will be safe during transit.

Once we receive your Digitize Kit, we have safety measures in place to make sure nothing can possibly be misplaced:

  • Your Digitize Kit is opened while being recorded on video to make sure all items are accounted for.
  • An inventory is taken of the items inside your Digitize Kit and documented and labeled.
  • Your items never leave the side of your Digitize Kit, and your Kit is assigned to one of our expert technicians. That technician will be the lead on digitizing everything in your Kit.
  • Once an item is Digitized, it is placed back inside your Kit for its return journey.
  • Before we send you your originals back, we take another inventory to make sure everything is in place.

These safety measures have worked very well for us, as we have NEVER lost a single item.

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