Why We Digitize Everything at our facility right here in the USA.

It's a little known secret in the digitization industry, but many of the so-called "big" digitizing companies do not actually digitize your memories themselves. To save on costs, many of these companies will actually ship your memories overseas to get digitized, which is sometimes why it takes so long for your digitization project to be completed. Even worse, this is a big reason why so many memories are misplaced or lost at these other companies as overseas shipping is just a big risk.

We believe in treating your memories as if they were our own. So that is why we digitize everything at our own facility here in the USA. No outsourcing and definitely no shipping your precious memories overseas. It's part of the reason that we have a stellar record of never losing or damaging a single memory, ever! And that's with over 1 million memories digitized and counting.

Sure, we could probably save some money by sending your tapes or photos over to India or China, which many companies do, but we only trust your memories in the hands of our expert technicians, who will handle your memories with the care they deserve.

How are we able to digitize everything here in the USA at a competitive price?

We are able to digitize everything right at our facility due to the investments in technology and equipment that allow us to digitize your memories at the highest quality. No other digitizing companies utilize technology like we do, and our investments have paid off in delivering the highest quality digitization at the best price.

We also take the training of our digitization technicians seriously. Every digitization technician is thoroughly trained in proper handling of media and in utilizing our technology and equipment to digitize it.

So what companies send my memories overseas?

I am not going to name them here, but I urge you to research any company you are thinking of trusting with your precious memories. Read reviews from these companies that are NOT posted on their own website. Use websites like judge.me to see third party verified reviews. Avoid companies who have a history of losing and misplacing their customers' memories and have a history of taking many months to complete orders (they may be sending them overseas).

How does The Digitize Center keep my memories safe?

The safety of your memories is of the upmost importance here at The Digitize Center. Starting from the very beginning of the order process, we make sure your memories are tracked and accounted for every second. We use a special shipping service for your shipment to us that ensures your package is never lost or misrouted. Once it arrives here, all of your items are labeled by us and implemented into our tracking system. In addition, you are constantly kept up to date on the status of your order through email updates.

Our record stands for itself in this area. We have digitized over 1,000,000 memories and have never lost or damaged a single on.

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