The Perfect Gift for your Parents - Nostalgia

The Perfect Gift for your Parents - Nostalgia

Christmas is just around the corner and the time for thinking about getting the perfect gift for your parents is here. There's nothing better than the gift of nostalgia and reliving your family memories in all their glory. What better way than to get your family memories digitized and stream them together on your TV?

Digitizing has never been easier thanks to The Digitize Center. Follow these simple steps and get the perfect gift for your parents in time for Christmas.

1. Gather up your classic memories including VHS tapes, camcorder tapes, photos, film reels, and slides.

classic memories

We can digitize it all here at The Digitize Center, and the first step is for you to gather them all up and get a count of everything.

2. Order the Digitize Kit that most closely resembles the number of items you have and want to digitize.

You only need a rough estimate of the number of items you have. Every single video tape, film reel, and cassette counts as one item. For photos, slides, and negatives, every 25 of these counts as 1 item. You'll want to get the right size Digitize Kit to make sure everything will fit.

3. Pack the Digitize Kit with your memories and send it to us.

Included with the Digitize Kit is a Welcome Guide and a prepaid return label to make sure your memories make it to us safely. Hand it off to UPS and it will ship to us.

4. Enjoy the holiday with your family streaming your family memories.

In just a few short weeks, all your memories will be available to stream, view, and download right from any TV, smartphone or computer. We will also ship you all your originals back. Get the tissues out, reliving family memories can get emotional.

Don't Wait! Digitizing takes some time.

Digitizing can taker a couple of weeks to complete, so don't wait to get it done in time for the holidays. If you are running behind, you can upgrade your processing time to have your order completed in as little as 3 days.

Alternate Gift: Buy Now and Digitize Later

If you rather let your parents pick and choose what they want to digitize, you can buy the Digitize Kit now and wrap it up as a gift. The Digitize Kit is all-inclusive, which means you've already paid for the digitizing and you can send it back with your memories later.

The Final Option: Gift Cards

You can also order Gift Cards here.


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