Preserve Your Cherished Memories In The Latest Media Formats

Preserve Your Cherished Memories In The Latest Media Formats

America's leader in digitizing video tapes, photographs, film reels and more

Are you tired of digging through boxes of old home movies, tapes, and photos, trying to find that one special moment from your childhood? It's time to digitize those cherished memories and preserve them for future generations.

Digital technology has made it easier than ever to digitize your home movies, tapes, and photos. By converting your old media into digital formats, you can easily access and share your memories with loved ones. Plus, digital formats are more durable and less susceptible to damage than physical media, so you can rest assured that your memories will be safe for years to come. 

The Digitize Center is America's leader in digitizing video tapes, photographs, film reels and more. Providing the simple solution to preserving precious memories. Be sure to take the time to read our reviews

We make it simple to preserve those memories in 3 easy steps:

1. Pack Your Media

Simply pack all the media you want digitized into your Digitize Kit and ship it to us with the prepaid shipping label. The Digitize Kit includes a Welcome Guide.

2. Professionally Digitized with Care

Send us your media and our team of experts will digitize all of it with care and prepare it for you in the format of your choice.

3. Enjoy your Memories

You will receive all of your original media back, along with the digitized versions you can download from the cloud, receive on a thumb drive, or view on a DVD set. Enjoy your digitized memories forever

Once you've digitized your home movies, tapes, and photos, you can store them on your computer or an external hard drive. This will make it easy for you to access your memories whenever you want, and you can even share them with loved ones via email or social media.

In conclusion, digitizing your home movies, tapes, and photos is a great way to preserve your memories and make them accessible to future generations. With the right tools and a little bit of effort, you can easily digitize your old media and enjoy your memories for years to come.

Benefits of Digitizing Your Memories

Improved organization: 

Digital copies of your old memories can be easily organized and stored in a way that makes them easy to find and access. This can be especially useful if you have a large collection of old photos or videos that may be difficult to manage in their physical form.

Enhanced preservation: 

Digital copies of your old memories are less susceptible to degradation and damage than physical copies. This means that your memories will be preserved for longer and can be enjoyed by future generations.

Increased accessibility: 

Digital copies of your old memories can be easily shared and accessed by multiple people, allowing you to enjoy your memories with friends and family.


Digitizing your old memories allows you to access them from any device with an internet connection, making it easier to enjoy your memories whenever and wherever you want. Overall, digitizing your old memories can help to preserve them for the future and make them more accessible and convenient to enjoy.

What formats can we digitize? 

From tapes to photos, we digitize most types of consumer home media.

Video Tapes

We can digitize almost all types of consumer videotapes including VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, MiniDV, Hi8, and more.


We can digitize 8mm, Super8, Regular 8, and 16mm film. Our experts digitize films using professional equipment that preserves the quality of the film


Here at The Digitize Center, we can digitize prints, negatives, and slides. Our state-of-the-art custom engineered equipment creates high-resolution and high-quality digital images in JPEG format that you can view, download, share, and enjoy.


Here at The Digitize Center, we can digitize audio cassettes, mini-cassettes, and micro-cassettes. Our team of experts use custom engineered equipment to create high quality digital recordings from your media.

CDs & DVDs

We can also fully digitize any CD or DVD, so you can have that content on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, and easily keep, share, and preserve it.

Other Media

We can digitize other media as well including newspaper clippings and yearbooks. And for a limited time, we can now digitie 3 1/2" floppy disks and SD/MicroSD cards.Back up your Memories in the Cloud

Digital Memory Backup from The Digitize Center is the safe and secure way to backup all of your digitized memories. When your memories are backed up in our cloud, they are forever safe from loss and damage. In addition, you can access your memories anytime and anywhere.

Purchase a Digitize Kit

We'll ship you the Digitize Kit, and you send it back to us filled with your media (photos, cassettes, VHS, etc.) you want digitized. Send the kit back to us with a free prepaid shipping label and we will take care of the rest. (1 Item = 1 tape, 1 reel, 1 cassette or 1 pack of 25 photos/slides/negatives) 

Professionally Digitized:

All of your media will be professionally digitized by hand by our trained experts with our custom engineered professional equipment.

Free Return Shipping:

Your Digitize Kit comes with a prepaid return shipping label so you can send the kit back to us.

We deliver your memories in these popular formats:

Digital Download

Once your media is digitized, you can download all of it from the cloud onto your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Thumb Drive

We can send you a thumb drive with all of your digitized media on it neatly organized. Simply plug the drive into your computer and enjoy.

Watchable DVDs

Enjoy your newly digitized media on a set of custom DVDs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get digitized?

We can digitize almost all forms of tapes, pictures, films, audio cassettes, CDs, and DVDs. For a full list of media we can digitize, see the What We Digitize Page

How long does it take?

Nobody digitizes faster than us. Once we receive your Digitize Kit, it takes approximately 2-6 weeks for us to complete the digitizing process and send you your media. Quicker processing is available upon request.

Will my media be safe?

We take every precaution imaginable to keep your precious media safe from the moment it leaves you to the moment you get it back. The Digitize Kit comes with a crush-proof box that is specially designed to keep your media protected. In addition, our professional staff use media-handling gloves when handling your media and we keep our equipment in top-notch condition to keep your media safe. Lastly, we take extraordinary measures to make sure your media is accounted for every step of the way, and you get constant updates.

What if I want to digitize more items?

Not a problem at all! Simply include any additional items you want digitized in the Digitize Kit. We will digitize them as well and you will be invoiced for the additional items.

What do I get back?

You will receive all of your original media items that you sent to us, plus digitized copies of that media in the format of your choice (digital download, thumb drive, or DVD). For more information, visit our What You Get Page

Why use The Digitize Center?

We are dedicated to preserving the precious memories of the past before it becomes too late. Each day, old video tapes, photographs, and films degrade, and as more time passes, the quality of this media can degrade to the point that its contents become lost forever. 

We do not want to see that happen and instead want to help you preserve your precious media forever. Digitizing that media is the answer, and we here at The Digitize Center are experts at handling and digitizing old media into a digital format that will last forever, so that you can enjoy, keep, share, and pass down those precious memories.

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