Our Customer Service

Our Customer Service

If you are like most people, you probably dread having to call the customer service line of any business. Your annoyance stems from speaking to someone not even located at the company site, unable to actually help you without consulting sombody else and having to get back to you, and having your call placed on long holds. 

We understand.

Here at The Digitize Center we run things differently and pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We have a 24hr line available and if you have reached us at out-of-office hours, just leave us your name, telephone number, and order number if applicable and an individual from our team will call you back.

Every team member on our answering service is knowledgable on our process, services available, and can look up your order if you have questions. 

So don't be stressed about having to call us. You will often be happy you did. We look forward to speaking with our customers and assisting you on your way to preserving your precious memories. 

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