Convert VHS to Digital & DVD Service

The Digitize Center professionally digitizes, restores, and transfers VHS tapes to a digital format so that you can relive and preserve your precious memories. Get your VHS tapes digitized on to a thumb drive, DVD set, or digital download with the highest possible quality and professionalism.

Convert VHS to Digital

How it Works

Our 3 step process makes it easy to get your tapes digitized for you to enjoy on the format of your choice.

1. Order the Digitize Kit and Pack your Media

Order the Digitize Kit that corresponds to the number of items you want digitized and prepare to get started. Once your Digitize Kit arrives, simply pack all the VHS tapes and other media into the kit using the included Welcome Guide as a reference. When you are ready to send them out, simply bring the kit to UPS and let us handle the rest.

2. Professionally Digitized with Care and Quality

Our team of experts will get to work on your tapes as soon as it arrives and prepare it for you on the format of your choice: Digital Download, USB Thumb Drive, or DVD Disc Set. You will receive constant order updates along the way.

3. Enjoy your Precious Memories

Once we are finished, you will receive all of your original media back, along with the high quality digitized versions in the format of your choice. Enjoy your digitized memories forever.


The Digitize Center Experience - Why We are The Best

The Digitize Center leads the way in technology and experience to turn all of your home movies and photos into a digital format that can be viewed on every modern device, including your TV, smartphone, computer, and tablet. We also make it easy to share the digitized memories with our Cloud.

  • Your Memories are Safe - We have digitized over 1 million memories, and have never lost or damaged a single one, including during shipping!
  • Enhancement and Restoration - Our proprietary process and technology delivers the best quality digitized formats with image enhancement and restoration to bring those memories back to life.
  • View on any Device - View your digitized memories on any modern device including your smartphone, tablet, computer, or TV.
  • Easy Organization & Editing - When you receive your digitized memories, they will be neatly organized and labeled so that they are easy to find. If your items are labeled when you send them in, we will attempt to name it in the same way.
  • Receive all your Originals Back - When we are finished, all of your originals will be safely returned to you.


Why Digitize your VHS Tapes?

Digitizing your old VHS tapes is one of the most important things you can do. VHS tapes do not last forever, they can degrade and the quality can fade with time. Digitizing your VHS tapes preserves their quality forever. Once a VHS tape is digitized, the quality of the digitized file from The Digitize Center never degrades.

  • Protect your Tapes from Age - Once a VHS tape is digitized, its quality is preserved forever.
  • Protection from Loss and Damage - Digitized memories are protected from loss or damage, especially if they are backed up in our Cloud.


Choose What You'll Get Back


In addition to your originals, choose which format you want your digitized memories on.

  • Digital Download - Download all of your digitized memories on to any device, including your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • USB Thumb Drive - Receive all of your digitized memories neatly organized on a USB thumb drive for safe keeping and easy access.
  • Playable DVD Set - Receive a disk set of your VHS tapes that can be played on any DVD Player or computer.


Convert VHS to Digital Pricing

Our pricing at The Digitize Center is straight-forward and simple with no hidden costs or fees to deliver exceptional quality at great value. We charge by the number of items you send in, regardless of length or size.

You can view our current pricing here.


Get Started

To get started preserving your precious memories, order the Digitize Kit. The Digitize Kit comes with a Welcome Guide, a crush-proof box, and a free return shipping label.


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