Why should I digitize my old photos, videos, and audio recordings with The Digitize Center?

Precious memories should be something that last forever, and something that you can keep and share forever. Unfortunately, what most people don't realize is that every minute your old tapes, photographs, and reels sit in storage, the more they fade and begin to degrade. In fact, given enough time, many tapes and photographs will degrade to the point of becoming unusable. So time is of the essence!

Here at The Digitize Center, we are experts at safely digitizing all types of media. We have over 20 years of experience digitizing tapes, photographs, film reels and more, and we take our job very seriously.

We know how precious your memories are to you, and we use the upmost care and professionalism when handling and digitizing your media. We also take extreme measures to make sure your memories are accounted for a safe, tracking every piece of media you send us from the moment it leaves your home, to the moment it arrives back to you. So you can be at peace knowing your media is safe with The Digitize Center.

Don't miss out on your chance to preserve your old media forever. Remember, old media such as photographs, VHS tapes, negatives, and other media tapes have a limited lifespan, and their quality degrade over time. So get them digitized with The Digitize Center to preserve them forever.

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