What is the Digitize Kit

The Digitize Kit is our signature product. It's a simple, safe, and easy way to convert your precious old media into a digital format. When you order a Digitize Kit, we send you a box with instructions and a prepaid shipping label. Pack the box with your old VHS tapes, photographs, film reels, and other media, and then send the box back to us. We will handle all of your media with extreme care and professionalism, and we will digitize all of your content. When we are finished, you will receive all of your original media back in the mail, along with digital copies of everything that you can either download from us or access from a thumb drive or DVD. Here's the process:

  1. Order the Digitize Kit for your media
  2. Pack the Digitize Kit with your old tapes, photo, film reels, and more
  3. Send the Digitize Kit back to us with the prepaid shipping label
  4. Get updates on the progress of your Digitize Kit through email as we professionally and carefully digitize all of your media.
  5. Receive all your old media back from us, and receive digitized copies of everything that you can download straight from our website, or access via thumb drive or DVD.

We make it extremely easy to digitize your old media. Included with every Digitize Kit is:

  • A Welcome Guide to help you pack your media and keep track of it.
  • A prepaid return shipping label so you can send us the Digitize Kit filled with all your precious memories.
  • Packing Materials



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