What do the different order statuses mean whey tracking my order?

Once you send your memories to us you can easily check the status of your order at anytime from Track My Order Page. Depending on what stage your order is in, you may see the following statuses:


  • Digitize Kit Received - This means we have received your memories at our facility and they have been checked in and inventoried. Your memories are safely in our hands.
  • In Processing - This means this order has entered the processing phase, which basically means your items have been distributed to the various digitization stations to begin getting worked on. This phase typically takes the longest and can take several weeks. Once an order has entered this status, it can not be cancelled or recalled.
  • Payment Due - This status indicates that there is a balance due on your account. You would have received another email with an invoice to pay the balance.
  • Items Digitized - Complete - This status indicates your all items have been digitized and your order is complete.
  • Download Ready - Digital Access Ready - This status indicates your memories can now be accessed via our digital cloud. Check your email for instructions.
  • Digital Memory Backup - This status indicates your Digital Memory Backup service is ready. Check your email for instructions.
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