The Digitize Center vs. Legacybox - Which is better?

We are often asked how we compare to Legacybox in terms of price, quality, customer service, and delivery time. Here is a fair and accurate comparison.


The Digitize Center and Legacybox are similar when it comes to pricing. However, Legacybox pricing changes wildly from day to day. They usually have a sale between 30% off and 50% off. We here at The Digitize Center frequently have sales of 40% off to 60% off.


The Digitize Center


Price for 2 Items $24.99 (with 60% off sale) $30.00 (with 50% off sale)
Price for 10 Items $119.99 (with 60% off sale) $140.00 (with 50% off sale)
Price for 20 Items $223.99 (with 60% off sale) $280.00 (with 50% off sale)
Price for 40 Items $439.99 (with 60% off sale) $550.00 (with 50% off sale)


Winner on Price: The Digitize Center



Quality is an important aspect of any digitization process. We here at The Digitize Center digitize all items at source quality, meaning we try to digitize any item at the same exact quality it was originally recorded at. This is not exactly an easy process but our custom engineered software and equipment make it possible. Legacybox claims to digitize at the same quality. However, one thing we do that Legacybox does not is name the digitized files according to the customer's wishes. So if you label a VHS tape as Christmas 1994, the digitized file will be named the same.

Winner on Quality: The Digitize Center, slightly


Customer Service

Customer service is an area where The Digitize Center outshines Legacybox. We have a dedicated team available 24/7 for customer service. Email support is available 24/7, while phone support is available 10 hours a day every single day. When you call us, you will be connected to a human right here in the United States.

Legacybox also has phone and email support, however they have a reputation for never answering the phone. They also have a built-in order tracking system on their website.

Winner on Customer Service: The Digitize Center


Delivery Time

If there is one area where we at The Digitize Center are the best in the business, it is our turnaround time.

  The Digitize Center Legacybox
Turnaround Time (advertised) 2-4 Weeks 4-6 Weeks
Actual Turnaround Time 2-3 Weeks 3-6 Months


Winner on Turnaround Time: The Digitize Center

This is a no-brainer, take a look at any of Legacybox's reviews in 2022, and you will see complaint after complaint from customers who sent their items in and have been waiting for over 3 months with no word on the status of their order. On the other hand, we here at The Digitize Center finish all orders within 4 weeks, with an average of 2 weeks on most orders. We have never gone over the 4 week mark in finishing an order thanks to our SmartTech Workflow System.


Overall Winner: The Digitize Center - Ultimately, the choice is yours, but we think the choice is clear. Get your memories digitized so that they will last forever with The Digitize Center.

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